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20’s Plenty for Newington

Following concerns from residents about the speed of traffic through the village the Parish Council has started a petition to introduce a default 20 mph speed limit on all roads within the built-up area of Newington.  The petition is in the Co-Op and the Chemist shop for people to sign and it will be presented to the next Swale Joint Transport Board on 10 September 2018.  The Parish Council has arranged for this to be an agenda item, although no decision can be made at the meeting, it will be the start of the formal process to apply for a reduction in the speed limit.

The online version can be viewed here

A map of the proposed/possible area for the 20 mph are can be seen at

If you agree with the proposals please make sure you sign either online or a paper copy.


The Parish of Newington is located in the Borough of Swale in North Kent. It lies astride Watling Street (A2) two miles east of Rainham and the same distance from Sittingbourne. The Parish  has a population of 2,490 and 1,058 dwellings. As the largest village in the area it supports a public house, a few shops, a restaurant and a post office as well bus and train services. 

Newington is a Cold Calling Controlled Zone.


Newington Needs You!

Calling all local residents . Newington Parish Council is looking for volunteers with trade skills however small to assist in setting up a working party for the local community. This will involve assisting Councillors to maintain the amenities in the village such as the play area, which is used by our children and parents alike. You may be a painter / carpenter / builder or electrician or just want to offer your labour. We would appreciate your time however little be it 1 hour or half a day.

For further information please contact the Clerk, Wendy Licence by using the Contact Us Form.